Homeowners who decide to install pools on their properties rarely just want something to swim in. Most envision backyard leisure areas designed for dining, entertaining and family fun. That is why experts like Unique Companies specialize in completely reimagining properties during pool construction. They create dream environments by following clients’ wish lists, offering a variety of styles and adding custom features.

Designers Create Around Clients’ Choices

Very good phoenix pool builders know that every customer has a different version of an ideal backyard. As a result, professionals begin projects with questions. They learn about their clients’ histories with pools, whether they entertain much and what pools will be used for. Specialists find out what safety features are needed and determine their choice of maintenance systems. Projects are also built around customers’ budgets and design preferences.

Professionals Offer a Range of Styles

The days when backyard pools were basically big rectangular, water-filled basins are long over. Today designers can create virtually any shape customers’ imagine. However all pools generally fall into one of three categories.


Traditional Designs: Based on standard designs, pools are symmetrical and resemble those created in ancient Roman and Greek. They often begin as rectangles and are then altered somewhat to create a unique appearance.


Architectural Styles: Pools can be almost any shape but always incorporate landscape features like bars, spas and backyard pool waterfalls. They include precise, clean lines and geometric designs that make them look like works of art.

Freeform Designs: The most natural looking pools, freeform styles have edges that flow naturally. They often look like a lagoon or oasis with a waterfall and rocks.


Customers Can Add Custom Features

Regardless of a pool’s shape, style or size, designers can provide accessories and features that customize it. In addition to a range of filtration systems, spa jets, skimmers and water features, full-service landscape and pool designers can also build outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens and lighting. They even create putting greens and fountains.


The finest pool designers can transform backyards into dream recreation centers. Using clients’ wish lists as guidelines, they will create unique pools that include features like waterfalls and spas. Designers can also customize pools with entertainment features like outdoor fireplaces and kitchens.